Shipping Policy

We will do our best to ship every order complete, but these are live species and if a fish is not ready, for whatever reason, we will not ship it. Therefore:

If we can complete 80% or more of the order we will ship it and refund the missing portion of the order.

If the order is less than 80% (60% for saltwater), we will ask the hobbyist if they prefer to ship the incomplete order or hold until the following week when we can provide a better fill rate. If the hobbyist still wants the shipment we will ship and refund for any missing fish.
Note: We do not “back order” fish or send out replacements. is a collective of saltwater and freshwater importers and this policy allows us the best way to manage our service to our hobbyists.

*In order to make ordering fish online affordable, subsidizes the cost of shipping for our customers. Since the extra cost is covered by us, shipping is NOT refundable.

In an effort to curb fraud, any orders, first time or repeat customers, we reserve the right to request a picture of your ID and/or front of the debit/credit card.